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What is the Oasis?

The Oasis is an audio experience I deliver to you each and every week.

You show up for one hour a week with me and our fabulous community of soul sisters so that you can show the hell up for the rest of your life.

Each week I’ll help you discover or remember your true priorities, recommit to your dreams, and maintain focus on what’s truly important to you – whether it’s to write a book, start a business, learn to paint, or simply relax. And I’ll help you notice what’s not working, what’s in your way, and melt those patterns and habitual choices away.

All that’s required is that you show up excited to live your truest life.

If you’re still reading, my guess is you aren’t quite living your truest life…


You’ve had enough of feeling that the life you want is out of reach. Of feeling like no matter what you try, it doesn’t work. Of feeling like your self-care doesn’t truly recharge you. Of feeling like despite your best intentions, you always get waylaid on your biggest desires. Your book doesn’t get written. Or your business built. Or your relationships thriving. Or your mind peaceful.

It’s true that your time is tight. That your to-do list is packed.

That at the end of the day you want nothing more than to zone out. And that too often the overwhelm and exhaustion you feel keeps you from showing up in the world in a way that lets you have the impact and life you know is yours to create and savor.

On a good day you think, “It’s not so bad, I’m figuring this out.

On a bad day, you wonder, “How did I @#*!# get here!” You shame yourself, compare yourself to others, put your heart’s work on the back burner (again), overschedule yourself as a way to feel useful, or curl up to a new, 25 episode series on Netflix and spend the next two days in your pjs.

I get it. I mean boy do I really get it. What woman in the Western world doesn’t??

It’s so easy to become beholden to other people’s expectations and needs. It’s so easy to believe our to-do list is more important than our desire list. It’s so easy to not think about how much we’re not living in alignment with our hearts. And it’s wicked easy to tell ourselves the story that someday when _____ happens, then (!) we’ll have time to really SHOW UP for our lives and accomplish the dreams we may be too scared to even say out loud.


And what if it didn’t require you to move to Costa Rica, shave your head, leave your partner, become a vegan, or become enlightened in order for you to have it. What if all that was standing between you and more health, more connection, more creative success, more of everything you want is a smidgen of seasoned guidance and ONE hour a week of your own loving intelligence?

What if, like it is for the many hundreds of women I’m working with right now, the gift of one hour a week was the catalyst that helped you show up for your life and…

Be present

Finish writing your book

Manage life-changing events

HAVE the life you want

Move to a new city

Finish unfinished business

Step into a new vision

Return to creativity

Make more money

Reignite a relationship

Change (or return to) your career

Live courageously

Show the Hell Up for My Life AND Get All of My Scary Sh*t Done?

Sounds Like a Dream. But how the heck do I make it happen?

Allow me to share what I’ve learned over 25 years of doing this work…

A very little bit of consistent self-care and small consistent steps that are in true alignment with your desire gets you where you want to go – with joy! with integrity!

And the key ingredient to making it work: creating a human-scaled routine designed for a human-scaled life.

And that’s what I’d LOVE to consistently and lovingly help you create.

But I need to be clear about something first…


(So if you’re looking for a step-by-step system or a

hack to fix your life, this is not it!)


The Oasis is a weekly invite to return to yourself.

It’s a spiritual deep dive + practical plan for living your truest life.

It’s a community of open-hearted support.

It’s Whole Life Maintenance


Every Friday I tackle a new theme in the audio retreat that I deliver straight to your inbox – from taking risks to speaking up for yourself to sticking it out to knowing when to quit and so much more.

With meditations, rituals, poetry and my super famous “trickster prompts” you’ll discover answers to questions you didn’t even know you had like…

  • What in my life would I like to make sacred?
  • What do I want that I’m too scared to say out loud?
  • What does my heart want me to know?
  • What do I have say no to today so I can say yes to what I really want?
  • What am I not giving myself permission to HAVE?
  • And so many more!


In addition to the weekly call, you’ll love the extensive library you’ll have access to when you join the Oasis.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned during my 25 years of experience befriending wonder, mystery and desire – and helping a million+ women do the same through my books, programs, and retreats – and transformed it into a virtual community experience that’s the just right blend of practical and spiritual teaching + loving support that’ll get you into action – and keep you there.

You’ll get access to all of the tools and trainings I’ve created that serve as reminders and lifesavers to help you stay committed to your practice – whatever that practice is – no matter what gremlins try to take you out.

I take my queues from what people ask about in the forum and I hold nothing back.

Wondering when you’re going to give yourself this hour a week?

We wanted to know too, so we asked our members when they Oasis. Here’s what a few of them had to say…

"I Oasis on Mondays when my husband has gone to work.” - Nicola Newman

"I use the Oasis when I have big life things that need to broken down into human-size steps." - Christine Frei

“I Oasis on Friday evenings when I want to reflect upon my week.” - Lorna Jones Askew

"I Oasis when I remember to Oasis!” - Ellen Malcolmson

"I Oasis on Sunday evenings right before I go to bed." - Mindy

“I Oasis each Friday morning from 10-11am with my cup of tea.” - Pam Bustin

"I Oasis when I first wake up in the morning with a cup of hot coffee and my journal." - Jalene Case

"I go to the Oasis ... every Friday." - Joann

"I Oasis on Saturday or Sunday mornings, bright and early, before the sun wakes, while my husband sleeps, because this is for me." - Peggy Nolan

"I retreat to the Oasis every Friday afternoon. It restores, replenishes, and lets me reflect on my precious life week by week." - Lynne

"I Oasis when I’m running, hiking or commuting." - Melani

"I Oasis in bed on Sunday morning." - Sarah Davis

What people have said about working with me…

“You’re a voice of sanity and sincerity in a time when value too often gets canned in the name of ambition. You’re the real deal, Louden, a true teacher, and we seekers get a whole lot of nourishment from your well of wisdom.” Danielle LaPorte

Author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

“Every now and then, life brings you a precious gift that keeps on giving.  One of those gifts for me is Jennifer Louden.

Jen’s exuberant spirit, disarming vulnerability and eloquent pen (keyboard) make up a powerful and effervescent surprise in every blog post, book page and speech. A stellar human with a great big heart, any moment with Jen and her words is a golden treasure.”

Laura Berman Fortgang

Artist, activist, creativity evangelist, and world traveler

“Jennifer Louden has the clarity to see through the smoke screens we use to avoid the true challenges of our lives and our age, the courage to face those challenges herself, and the compassion to help us all face them with her – as a teacher, a guide and a friend. I’ve learned so much from Jen about the essential connection between creativity and change, between savoring and serving. Marianne Elliott

“Joseph Campbell asked, ‘Where is your bliss station?’ — where you can step outside of practical life and enter the country of your soul. You return with gifts of magic and meaning. Jennifer Louden’s work is a Bliss Station. Justine Musk


In these days of information overload, there are certain voices I return to over and over again for their honest, clarity and vision. Jen Louden is one of these voices.”

Flora Bowley


For one hour a week, I join women all over the world in a virtual circle and tune into myself… nurture myself, support myself, better understand myself, and encourage myself in a safe and sacred shared space. From this I gleaned solace, peace, connection, and creative inspiration. Priceless!” Barb Klein

Life coach, retreat leader, and author

“Jennifer Louden possesses all the qualities I admire as a teacher and a writer. She is fearless about sharing both her wisdom and her vulnerability. She is smart as a whip and employs that intelligence in your service. She listens to her students and her readers with all her heart. Her intention is to serve, serve, serve. She is also incredibly fun to be around! Whenever I am on the receiving end of her work, I am left feeling stronger, kinder, and more fiercely committed to my own path.”

Susan Piver

Author & Meditation Teacher |

“I heard about the Oasis at a time of major life change. I had recently retired and felt adrift. There was a desire to connect, to feel more alive and to explore my creative longings. The idea of checking in with myself weekly and doing some self-reflective journaling appealed to me, but was not something I wanted to do on my own. I felt the need for guidance and inspiration.
The Oasis experience was more than I had imagined and I found myself looking forward to our weekly check-ins. The power and support of the group, the depth of experience, inspiration, enthusiasm and permission that Jen brought was impressive and life-changing for me.
After experiencing the Oasis over a period of about a year, I feel stronger, more self-aware, more at peace; I notice that I am kinder to myself and others, and I feel hopeful about being able to create and feel more confident that I can contribute something authentic and meaningful to life, to my community. I am interested in so many things now, and I’m putting myself out there more often.

It really is hard to put into words, but my life feels deeper and richer. Before the Oasis, I felt like I had put myself into a small, restrictive box, and after the Oasis, I feel a sense of blossoming freedom and an openness to possibility. I feel more engaged with life and I’m learning to honor my desires and yearnings and allow them to guide me toward deeper fulfillment. What an adventure this has been, and more to come!”

Christine Webb

Retired from fundraising for a non-profit hospital foundation

“Jen, it’s hard to put into words the benefit of working with you in the Oasis. There is a profound difference between the OHMYGODIHAVESO MUCHTODOIN SOLITTLETIME approach from last year and the experience I just had with my work in Nepal – we completed the biggest art order we have ever had, launched our sanitary pad industry, trialed several new jewelry designs, learned a heap of new techniques, meditated together, and did our regular polymer stuff! Yet is all felt so easy and natural and flowing! Even in the run up to this trip, I noticed I was more calm.

The weekly Oasis sessions helped me to establish a Sunday night Thinking about the Week ahead that is a whole lot more nourishing and choice empowering than making a To-Do list. The chance to tap into my desires for the week ahead, the experiences I wanted or needed, the flavours – it was amazing!”

Wendy Moore

Artist, activist, creativity evangelist, and world traveler

“The weekly question of ‘What one step can I take?’ that Jen offers at the end of each call has been a life-changer! It has truly helped me move toward creating the life that I want. I have gotten so much more accomplished using this tool – both in jobs that needed doing, but also in putting self-care into my weekly planning. My new mantra is ‘Just one small step.’

I looked forward to our Friday morning ‘gatherings’ – I grabbed my journal, often lit a candle, and closed the door. I did not feel resistance to showing up for the calls. That said, I had plenty of resistance to following through with the things I was learning! Taking time for my self-care has been the biggest challenge. Again, Jen’s modeling, her honesty and authenticity helped me recognize my resistance AND remind myself that I could return ‘home to myself’ again and again…and again. The more I have practiced this, the easier it’s gotten.

The check-ins with Jen and the community take me further than I could go on my own. I will be forever grateful!”

Patty Christensen

Former Head of School, Bainbridge Island

“The Oasis is a gentle and positive respite where you can reflect on your needs and desires, and identify small steps towards living a life that’s more aligned.

It’s not a program with lots of steps to take and assignments to complete. I don’t think I had realized how much I was actively pushing away emotions and thoughts that I didn’t want to think about; being able to comfort myself with a gesture and ‘this too’ when those came up really helped me ride those waves.”

Laura Reid

Professional Learning Community Specialist

This is your official permission slip allowing you to take out just ONE hour a week to devote entirely to yourself. To attend to the thread of your truest life.

To give yourself space and freedom to hear what your heart truly desires. To get your scary sh*t broken down into small steps and then done. And finally, gloriously, to claim – again and again – your amazing glorious life. There are no restrictions and it never expires and there is no behind. Miss one week? No big deal, the next week is there to pick you up and get you back on course.

You wouldn’t pass up a ticket like this would you?


and get…


The Weekly Oasis mp3 audio recording - meditations, rituals, prompts and poetry


The Oasis Community - A vibrant posse of creative caring soul sisters ready to encourage, support, and hold you accountable to your own heart’s desires


Monthly live, virtual community events


The Sunday Note


My extensive library of teachings

Registration is Now Closed

Enter your information below to get on our interest list.


I don’t need another PROGRAM – and I swore I wouldn’t sign up for another one. Are you sure this isn’t a program?

This is not a program. In any way, shape or form. It’s a check-in, a weekly review and a soul tune-up. It’s intuitive and practical weekly planning time. In fact, if you have a lot of programs and learning to do that isn’t getting done, the Oasis will help you prioritize what needs to get done… and let go of what doesn’t. This is a digest-and-apply-it sanctuary.

This is where you make time for your creative needs and dreams. This is where you keep-remembering-what-you-want-and-take-action-on-it. Real action! But this is not a program. It’s a practical and spiritual home for your whole life.

I don’t like to journal. What do I do about that?

You could easily speak your responses to the questions I ask into your smartphone. Or maybe you’d rather sketch or collage – great. And you may find this form of journaling different than any other you’ve ever encountered. We aren’t rehashing the past or trying to fix ourselves – we’re listening in to what we want our next days and week to look and feel like and then breaking it down into small, simple steps.

The questions I’ll give you often take you quickly into deeper knowing without much effort. So play! Also on each Weekly Oasis audio recording, I’m right there with you, journaling too, and encouraging you to keep being surprised. You aren’t alone.

How much time do I need to allot each week?

It’s 100% up to you. There are many members who’ve committed to just ONE glorious hour per week and that is perfectly enough for them to get what they need. Some take this hour on Friday afternoons after a busy day of meetings. Some look forward to snuggling up for an hour in bed every Sunday morning with their journal and coffee.

Some members dip in and out of the Weekly Oasis audio recording, choosing to listen to a section during their lunch hour or commute. And of course people skip weeks altogether. Because this is not a course and each weekly retreat stands alone, there is no behind, no way to fall behind, no need to catch up, and no need to be a “good” student who gets it “right.”

If you choose to participate in the “Community Days” each month, that could be an additional few minutes to a day (Desire Retreats!), but again, it’s totally up to you and will depend on your life and what you want!

I visit the forums on a very regular basis – 4-5 times per week. Other participants come and go, sometimes engaging regularly and sometimes missing weeks entirely. Others visit once or twice, or decide never to utilize that part of the support system. The comments and support are top notch and add a wonderful dimension to the Oasis, but there are absolutely no shoulds here and there’s no falling behind. You do what works for you and it’s totally flexible!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I don’t want you to end up somewhere you don’t want to be. If you’re not sure if this is the right place for you, please listen to this free call. This is an example of the types of calls I email to you every Friday morning and a good way for you to test out the Oasis.

We don’t offer refunds; however, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed for the following month.

Is this only for people who are stressed and struggling? I hate whining groups.

No! This is about thriving. This is about LIVING AND CREATING with no holding back! My work attracts successful, smart, loving women who are actively working to create lives they love and to give back in ways that light them up. We all have issues, fears, and struggles, but our focus is not on repairing or moaning. It’s on building! Navigating! Stretching in humane, self-loving ways.

One of the beliefs I hold most strongly is that you are the expert in your life. You have the answers inside of you and you are always discovering what you need to learn and where you need to stretch next. That’s why the Oasis is an advice- and fixing-free zone. You may acknowledge, witness, support, encourage, and love your fellow members till the cows come home, but whining, opinionating, and giving people advice is not part of this community.

Refreshing, right?

I’m decidedly not New Age – will this be?
No! You will never hear me say, “The Universe wanted me to…” I use science-based, well-researched practices, love precise and inspiring language, and share tools that are time-tested and work. That said, I’m an unabashedly wonder-struck gal so expect talk of gratitude, love, life living you, lots of poetry, and a generally “wow, isn’t life amazing!” attitude.
I’m also decidedly not a woman. Am I allowed to join?
The Oasis is densely populated with women. However, it’s not exclusive to women – all genders and gender identifications are welcome. I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from what the Oasis has to offer. Who doesn’t need more time to step back from the craziness of life and listen long enough to hear what your heart desires? That’s a human need. So yes, this is not a women’s-only club and you are more than welcome to join the belonging.
Okay, speaking of men and women, who is this for exactly?

It’s for the CEO, the human resources executive, the dean, the real estate agent, the teacher, the writer, the professor, the mom, the grandmother, and everyone in between who has a full and successful career and time constraints that are very real.

It’s for the woman who has a strong desire to do more, accomplish more, and most of all, Be present more.

It’s also for the woman who wants to do less. The woman who wants to undo what all of her doing has done. To stop straining and pushing to do and allow more being to emerge.

It’s the place for anyone who wants to live more boldly by what she desires. Who wants to avoid “should creep” (as in “I should…”) and gently welcome and work within her human limits and needs.

The Oasis is for the woman who has a stunning and wonderful project she desires to complete, like a book, a business, a course, or something else (like self-care!), that feels like scary sh*t.

It’s also for the woman who has no idea what she’s going to do next or even if she’s going to do anything at all.

The Oasis is for any woman who’s looking for a safe place to rest and listen, a place where she’ll be encouraged to keep moving forward, and a place where not knowing and not doing isn’t just okay, it’s celebrated and valued as essential.

It’s for all of us who wish to seed a more just and more awake world.

If you’re one of these women, welcome home.

Never have I ever been more excited to share a creation of mine with you!

What if I can't join right now. Is enrollment always open?

You are free to join the Oasis when it works best for you. However, we do plan to increase the price to $40/month beginning in January 2017. If you want to make sure you lock in the $20/month price, I’d join before the end of the year.

Registration is Now Closed

Enter your information below to get on our interest list.

Refund Policy

We do not offer refunds; however, you can cancel at any time and you won’t be billed for the following month.